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Topographic Surveys

A Topographic Map ('topo') is a site map showing the topographic features of a site by way of contour lines. Topographic features could include drainage patterns, locations of rock outcroppings, hills and other natural features. The map may also include artificial features such as buildings, utility locations, detention ponds and other features which would affect engineering design on the site. Topographic contours can be shown at almost any interval that is specified by the client. In areas of steep terrain, a larger contour interval can show the topography without the crowding of contour lines that would be introduced by a smaller contour interval. In areas of relatively flat terrain, a smaller contour interval is necessary to show the small changes in topography in a meaningful way.

A Topographic Map is often requested by engineers, architects or building contractors who need to know information about overall site grade and elevations. This information may be used to determine placement of site improvements, estimate the volume of dirt to be moved, or for many other construction and development purposes.


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