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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a survey cost?

The surveyor's cost estimate will be based on the anticipated difficulty and estimated time needed to complete the project. Fees can be estimated, but the surveyor cannot predict the amount of work required to recover the necessary evidence. The amount of time required to obtain field measurements and make boundary determinations depends on the availability and proximity of the discovered evidence. The surveyor will be able to provide you with a cost estimate based upon an hourly rate, experience with similar jobs, and a general knowledge of the area, but actual costs may not be known until the project is completed.

What type of survey do I need to build a fence?

Since a fence is a relatively permanent structure, you will want to be sure of the location of your property lines before construction. The prudent course of action is to locate existing property corners that delineate your property line and have the validity of the monuments verified by a surveyor. If you are not able to find your property corners, ask for the assistance of a surveyor. He may be able to find monuments using a magnetic locator and measuring tape. If the surveyor is not able to locate existing monuments, you may need to have a boundary survey performed and possibly a Corner Record or Record of Survey Map filed with the County of San Diego.