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Boundary Survey

A survey to establish or re-establish the boundaries or limits of a property or easement identified by a deed of record is commonly referred to as a Boundary Survey.

The first step in performing a boundary survey is a search for evidence such as existing property corner monuments (both on the subject property and on adjacent properties), block corners, subdivision corners, and section corners. Once a sufficient amount of monumentation and other evidence (fences and other lines of occupation) are located, a series of measurements is performed. These measurements are then compared to the legal descriptions for the subject parcel and adjoining parcels. A determination of the property boundary is made, giving consideration to the accuracy of found monuments, seniority of the subject parcel, and any other evidence discovered.

After the determination of the boundary location, property monuments are placed at each angle point or change of direction, such as the beginning or end of a curve. The monument will usually be a steel pin driven flush with or beneath the surface of the ground. A cap identifying the registration number of the surveyor responsible for setting the monument should be placed atop the steel pin. If it is more practical, monuments may be placed on an extension of the line. These types of monuments are called offsets, and are usually found on sidewalks or tops of curbs. Offset monuments are easier to find and to protect from damage, but may be mistaken as the actual property corner.

When a property corner is set by a Licensed Land Surveyor, a Corner Record or Record of Survey must be filed with the local jurisdiction. The type of filing depends on the legal description of the property being surveyed. If the legal description is a simple Lot in a Subdivision description then a Corner Record can be filed. If the legal description is a portion of a Lot or a mete and bounds description, then a Record of Survey must be filed.


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