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3D Laser Scanning (High Definition Surveying & Spatial Imaging) 

San Diego Land Surveying & Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of 3D Laser Scanning (High Definition Survey (HDS) and Spatial Imaging Services.  The most recent technological innovation is the use of high definition scanners which combine digital photography and laser measurement to develop a three-dimensional image of the objects being surveyed. Through 3D Laser Scanning, we have the capabilities to quick and accurate visualization and measurement of structures with the highest level of definition. This service utilizes a portable, auto-scanning laser and PC software system that makes it possible to quickly map and model large, complex sites & structures with an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy.  The 3D geometry of entire structures and sites is captured in minutes by our surveyors.  Save time and add value to your project with our 3D Scanning Technology.


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